FAQ: Frequently asked questions

How do I get the MH24 card?

Apply via the form on our website (link here) or by calling 57853650.

Can I have more than one MH24 cards?

A customer (invoice payer) can have as many cards as he or she wants.

Can I place restrictions on the use of the MH24 card?

Yes. You can choose that one card should only be open for petrol and another for diesel. All cards have a monthly credit line. You may also require whoever uses the card to enter the mileage or registration number before a tank filling.

Can I use the MH24 card for the washing machines in Måløy and Florø?

Yes, the card can be used for washing, as long as no restrictions are imposed against it. Using the MH24 card for this purpose, will also give a 20% discount on washing.

1500 kroner have been deducted from my Visa / Mastercard, but my filling was only a few hundred NOK?

The credit card companies will reserve an amount from your card, allowing you to fill to this limit. Some companies operate with a limit of NOK 690, others have up to NOK 3,000. Only when you finish filling will the credit card company receive the amount to be deducted for the transaction. Most card companies remove the reservation immediately, but some hold the reservation for up to 3 days. Regardless, you will ONLY be charged for actual use.