The company has a long history of providing  fuels for sea-faring vessels.

Today we offer several types of diesel, petrol and bio-fuel.

MHservice is one of few companies to stock and trade several lubricating oil brands. The company has profiled and built up Castrol since 1995. For a number of years, MHService has also provided lubricants from Shell, Texaco, Mobil, Fuchs and Petro Canada.

MHService were quick to react when Urea and AdBlue were introduced as sustainable  products. We have been instrumental in helping these products acquire a foothold in the markets.

We understood early on that sea-faring vessels require filters, gloves, batteries, sprays, and many other products. These are therefore all available from all our locations. We place great importance in providing out customers with the best possible service. Should you need a product we do not have in stock, we’ll help you get it as soon as possible.

MHService also offers bio-fuels.