Order the MH24 card

Order the MH24 card

The MH24 card is our proprietary petrol and diesel card. It lets you put all refills on a monthly invoice, while also giving a discount on the fuel you buy.

You get a 30 øre discount on pump prices for both petrol and diesel – including the tax-free one. If you use it at the car wash at our facility in Måløy, you’ll even get a 20 % discount there. There are no hidden fees or charges associated with using the card.

The card is a credit card, collecting all transactions from our stations throughout a month. Transactions are then collected on an invoice, with the discounts clearly stated. Invoice date is always the last day of the month.

Application form

Use this digital form to apply directly, and you will have the card in a few days. Alternatively, contact us by phone on +47 578 53 650, for example if you are a business customer or have special needs.


    • I authorize MHSERVICE AS to verify all information in the application form as part of the credit assessment.
    • I agree to renewed credit assessments in connection with the company’s collection of overdue debt, or any subsequent extensions of the credit line.
    • The card is to be used only by the User and nobody else, nor shall the PIN code be shared with anybody.
    • Default on payments will cause the card(s) to be blocked.
    • Loss of card must be reported immediately to MHSERVICE AS.
    • I give MHSERVICE AS permission to store my personal information.
    • I confirm that I am over 18 years of age and that the information provided in the application is correct.
    • Invoicing is handled by Autoinvoice. This means that you choose your desired invoicing method by contacting your bank partner.