Industry / Land

Industry / Land

The Northwestern part of Norway is blessed with an initiative-rich and ever-moving business community, and MHService is its committed and natural energy partner. We have the products, solutions and services that make it possible for these enterprises to focus on their core business and never worry about their ability to keep their machines running.

Our services

24-hour hotline
High delivery capacity on lubricating oils and other important products
Washing stations
Tankers, trucks and bunker boats
Trading with delivery at home and abroad



The headquarters for MHService is situated on the mainland near Måløy. The facility has 9 storage-tanks, a marine for smaller boats, to quays with a total of four delivery-points. Technical department, accounting and administration is located here.


The facility in Ålesund was named Mørebunkers till 2015, when it was merged with Måløy Havneservice and MHService was a reality. The location has a marina for smaller boats and good bunkering conditions for bigger boats. There are 5 storage-tanks.


MHService in Fosnavåg is a ships-chandler and can get all you need. The facility has a marina for smaller boats and possibility to bunker bigger vessels. There is also a gasoline-station in connection with the offices. This location is also the only one that offers ice and slurry for fishing vessels and industry.

We can help!

Do you need help finding the right product, or do you need something special? Get in touch with one of our skilled employees or stop by us in Måløy, Fosnavåg or Ålesund, and we will be happy to help you!

Knut-Erik Solheim

Sales manager, land / MH24

Phone: +47 911 25 628 Email: