Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Efforts are currently being made to make shipping less polluting through more efficient operation of ships, better management and switching to carbon-free energy sources. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is working to reduce emissions by 40% by 2030 and 70% by 2050. MHService will follow up on the measures that the IMO is working for and be early on in offering alternative energy carriers to maritime businesses.

The UN’s sustainability goals are a common global direction for countries, businesses, and civil society. For MHService, the following goals are of relevance to our business:

Ensure public access to reliable and modern energy services at an affordable price. MHService strives to deliver fuel of the best and cleanest quality. MHService will also monitor alternative energy carriers to be able to deliver these to our customers if possible.

Promote a safe and secure working environment for all employees! Internally in the business, MHService works to ensure that all employees have safe and ergonomically correct workplaces. The company also offers annual health examinations and facilitates a good balance between work and leisure.

Prevent and significantly reduce all forms of marine pollution, particularly from land-based activities, including marine litter. The ocean is the world’s most important pantry. At MHService, we follow all laws, orders and guidelines that are intended to prevent the release of chemicals and oil products.

The Transparency Act

MHService has carried out an analysis of suppliers without finding any red flags. Routines have been implemented for further work with suppliers and subcontractors.

The report can be downloaded here.

Our ethical guidelines can be downloaded (Norwegian only) here.

Organization map can be downloaded here.


When we choose renewable raw materials for the next generation of fuel, it is important to choose correctly. We steer towards raw materials with a high degree of efficiency and with good sustainability data, raw materials that provide lasting, sustainable solutions.

To be able to take the next step, we need clear and long-term rules of the game that show that an investment for a sustainable society is also an economically sustainable investment.

MHService sells HVO100, RME, Urea, AdBlue and offers several degradable lubricating oils (Bio-degradable) as part of our commitment to a more sustainable society.