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Marine Gas Oil (MGO)

Marine Gas Oil is used as fuel for marine diesel engines. In order to satisfy regulatory requirements,  marker and color is added to the product.


We deliver autodiesel that satisfy all regulatory requirements according to the Norwegian industry standard EN590.

Coloured diesel (Green dyed diesel)

Coloured diesel is a diesel product that satisfy all regulatory requirements according to the Norwegian industry standard EN590. Different from autodiesel, Norwegian road tax is exempted from the product price. Despite the Norwegian label as “no fee added”, basic fuel fee is added to the product price. Moreover, CO2-fee and value added tax is charged according to general Norwegian regulations. Technical specification of coloured diesel is identical to that of autodiesel, but the difference being that it is not allowed to use coloured diesel on engines that are meant for general road traffic. The coloured diesel is dyed so that it is distinguishable from autodiesel. Moreover, the dye also let authorities control coloured diesel usage.

Boats, construction machines, motorised tools, farm machines and other vehicles that are not used in the general road traffic are allowed to use coloured diesel.


Gasoline (Octane 95) can be used in all gasoline engines that can run on . The product satisfy the product regulations and the Norwegian-European product standard (NS-EN228)

HVO 100

The product is produced through hydration of renewable raw material and is often referred to as HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil). The product is made from slaughterhouse waste, which cannot be used as human or animal food. HVO 100 can be used in traditional diesel engines provided that the vehicle supplier has given their approval. In its chemical structure, HVO 100 is largely identical to fossil diesel. The similarity with ordinary diesel means that the product can be used in ordinary diesel engines, but since the current diesel standard is not fully met, approval is required from the vehicle supplier. MHService can deliver HVO 100 directly to vessels in Måløy or with delivery from a road-tanker.

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