Biofuels are fuels made from biological materials. This means that the fuel is part of the natural cycle, and therefore climate neutral. A lot of the petrol and diesel sold at Norwegian energy stations has sustainable biofuels mixed in. MHService mainly sells two types of biofuels: HVO100 and BioCaleo (RME).


HVO is a fossil-free diesel product of the highest quality, made from 100% renewable raw materials that do not emit new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The product is produced through hydrogen treatment of vegetable oils and / or animal fats, and the result is a high-quality fuel with a chemical composition almost identical to ordinary diesel. It can therefore fully replace fossil diesel.

Pure HVO, HVO100, can be used in diesel engines without modification, and is approved for most heavy vehicles from market-leading engine manufacturers such as Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, MAN and others.

Fossil-free diesel HVO is significantly easier on the environment than fossil diesel, while at the same time delivering comparable performance, and it can be used with no modifications to engines or infrastructure. Furthermore, HVO has better properties regarding combustion, filterability and cooling than other diesel product on the market.


BioCaleo is an RME for bioheating for anybody who wants to quickly and easily switch to sustainable heating. When choosing BioCaleo over fossil fuel oil, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by more than half. Since the fuel can be used in the existing boiler as-is, conversion costs are very low.

BioCaleo maintains a very high and consistent quality, ensuring a trouble-free operation without clogging, and it is also good for storing for up to 12 months. Since BioCaleo is biodegradable and not classified as hazardous, it is easy and safe to both handle and store. The fuel is liquid down to -10 ° C and with winter additions down to -20 ° C. Therefore, no preheating is required.

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